About Us

Our Company

We are Egyptian Group of about 30 companies works in deferent activities related to the Agricultural production and trade, we cooperate to complete the puzzle board of our business. We control our business in the meaning of the Integrated business management.
Good agricultural practices, transportation, packing and exporting are covered with this IBM thinking in all operation steps. Fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits, Herbs production, sorting and packing operations and logistics will be standardized by our professional teams and consultants according to the best international standards.
We produce in more than area of Egypt cooperating with our professional partners farms, factories and stations who work in the field more than 50 years ago.

Our vision

Our vision as a group of about 30 companies works in the producing and handling fresh and frozen vegetables, fruits and fresh and dried herbs in the local, regional and international fields.
We believe that we can achieve this target depending on the cooperation with our partners and clients and the permanent development and progress supported with our professional consultants.

Our Mission

From the beginning of our business, at 2005, we have adhered to four basic standards:
1. Preserving natural resources represented in soil, water and energy.
2. Preserving the environment and reducing pollution and Thermal Emission.
3. Introducing healthy products for both local and Foreigner markets.
4. Quality assurance of our products maintains our brand name.

Our Strategy

Strategic action

All divisions within group of Karnack Golden Farms are involved in realizing the strategy and work system, beginning with Farm to export through contracting department, marketing department, Quality assurance and traceability, customs clearance, and financial management under the IBM umbrella of the higher management.

A. Farms

Hydroponic farms total of 15000 sqm with total production of 5 MT a month of foliage plants.

  • Batavia, Oak leaf, Romaine, Lollo Rosso, Lulu Bionda (Green & Red),

  • Watercress, Baby Spinach, Basil, Celery.

  • Vegetables farms: Open field and greenhouses

  • Fruits Farms

B.Packing stations

C.Freezing factories

D.Herbs and dry Seeds

E.Herbs and dry Seeds

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