Varieties: Polyvin, Big Guard, B a l a d i
Size: medium to large
Packing: net bag processing. Weight: 5 10 15 20 kg.
Supply capacity: 150 tons per day.
Season: from August to March


Varieties: red and golden yellow onions.
Size: 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
m m
Packing: bags (5 10 15 20) kg Supply capacity: 150 tons per day
Available:from April to December

Sweet Potatoes

Varieties: r e d a n d white potatoes
Size: from the smallest, then the medium, then the largest Packing: 8, 6, 3 kg cartons or 500 kg bulk carton Supply ability: 5 containers of 40 feet each day Availability: May – March


Varieties:Fresh artichoke, Heart Artichoke (Manufacturing) and Frozen artichoke.
Sizes: 150gm up till 250gm.
Packing: 25 pieces \ 45 pieces\ 30 pieces \ 40 pieces/ plastic box.
Season:From first of December till end of June.


Varieties: green, yellow, red
and orange peppers
Size: medium andlarge sizes, excellent quality
Packing: 4.5 kg or as per customer’s desire
Supply capacity: 150 tons per day
Available from: December to May

Hot Peppers

Varieties: Sweet Green – Sweet Yellow – Sweet Red – Green – Red
Packing: :According to client request
Outer Cartons: 4 Kg Carton – 5 Kg Carton
Season: December to May

Green Beans

Variety: Egypt Snow Peas, Sugar Snap
Packing Packed in 3 Kg Carton (12 Punnet x 250 Gm )..
Availability: Middle of November till April

Dry Beans

Size 180-190 tablets / 100 grams
190-200 tablets / 100 gm
200-220 tablets / 100 gm
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